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If you take one thing from this testimonial it is that you should work with Ivan Richardson.

Once you do, you will find yourself on this site writing a glowing review like I am. We would not have the home we found, the place of our dreams, without Ivan. We got here with a lot of personal attention, and lot of very smart counsel, and most important of all a level of trust that we never fostered with anyone else in this business. If you have bought and sold a ton of property I imagine you'd want someone who is excellent with the numbers and has an up to date knowledge of the industry and each market, and Ivan is that. If you have not bought or sold any property I imagine you'd want all of the above, but also someone who is patient and will explain all the ins and outs of this intimidating process, and Ivan is that. As long as Ivan Richardson wants to stay in the business, we're his customers for life. If you are reading this and still unconvinced, I'm sure Ivan will give you a few minutes of his time for a meeting or a call and that's all you'll need!

Andrew F

I am ever so thankful for Mr Ivan Richardson.

He truly made my home buying experience one to remember from all aspects. He stepped in to assist when I was ready to give up. I had lost all hope. He business ethic is phenomenal and speaks volumes. I am ever so appreciative & overall thankful to have encounter Ivan. I am looking forward to conducting further business with him as well. ***10 Star rating!!***!!!

Joi Limbrick

We are first time homebuyers and couldn’t have imagined the journey without Ivan.

Buying real estate—from the scouting, to formulating bids and counters, to jumping through the hoops required for escrow was just as much a learning curve for us as it was an emotional experience, but through it ALL, Ivan was much more than our realtor. He was our protector. The following are just a few of the reasons why he will be our agent for life: 1. He was responsive at all hours. Any question we had, any document we had to sign, any slight change in the weather that might indicate we stood a chance at getting a better interest rate, you name it, Ivan responded and instigated every discussion we could ever hope to have within minutes. We always felt like we were his only clients—as if he worked solely to serve us. (Which is saying something considering we weren’t in the market for a multi-million dollar property.) His office is in Yorba Linda and we bought property in LA, yet he was there for every transaction and all the “house hunting” experiences we wanted him present for. 2. He advocated for us aggressively. Even when we came in lower than the asking price, every bid we made with Ivan was considered and kept us in the running. If we had trouble communicating with a broker or escrow, Ivan interceded. His straightforward manner and genuine desire to see us succeed was ever-present in all our dealings with him. 3. He did WAY more than the real estate agent job description. We didn’t know this at the time and later discovered it in talking with other friends who recently bought property. Most agents aren’t nearly as responsive, or happy to sift through your itemized closing costs… Ivan redlined and explained all of the costs that were “normal” to us AND told us what costs were superfluously high, needed a clearer definition, were potentially duplicates, and more. In the end he saved us—not exaggerating—thousands of dollars. We were walked through everything we were doing, so we could communicate and negotiate in a way that gave us confidence in every facet of our investment. 4. He encouraged us to stay within our means. Ivan knows how to create contracts that make you attractive to sellers in more way than just the price. At the cost of his own potential commission, he encouraged us to make conservative bids and “acquiesce” conditions that wouldn’t impact our wellbeing in the least, yet were seen as a huge bonus to the seller. He’s a bit of a magician like that, and our deals always felt transparent and forthright. 5. He’s likeable. A former marine that loves what he does, who got into the business because of his passion for real estate. His enthusiasm is contagious and, thanks to him, we have our DREAM HOME for which we are eternally grateful. (We had to prod at him to finally get a link where we could submit our glowing review of our experience.)

Ashley K

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